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More Awareness (Dreamers United Jan. 2004)

Dreamwork in Switzerland (IASD Online Guide to International Dreamwork)

Anthroposophy and the Dream (Dreamers United Nov. 2004)

Fragmented Dreams (Dreamers United Oct. 2005)

Sufi Dreaming (DreamTime, winter 2005)

For the Birthday of Deltev von Uslar (Dreamers United July 2006)

Dream Thoughts (DreamTime, spring 2009)

The Witness and the Identity of the Dreaming I (DreamTime winter 2010)

Multiple Dreams - An Answer to Jayron ( Lucid Dream Exchange no. 54 March 2010, p. 7)

After all, I am a Dreamer (Lucid Dream Exchange no. 56 Septermber 2010, p. 13)

Dreaming to Survive (DreamTime, winter 2012)

Jacob flies (Lucid Dream Experience, Sept. 2012 vol.1/no.2, p. 21)

The Gap in Consciousness (Dream Network Journal, winter 2013 p. 36)

Light in Dreams (Lucid Dream Experience March 2013, vol. 1/no.4, p. 23)

The Identity of the Dreaming "I" (Presentation at the IASD Regional Conference
in Bern 2012, and at the IASD online PsiberDreaming Conference 2013)

The Opening Focus - The Widening Spectrum (Presentation at the IASD
online PsiberDreaming Conference 2014)

Observations of a long term dream journalist (International Journal of
Dream Research Volume 8, No. 2 (2015))

Stones as Dream Boosters, 2015